Aultmore 12 | 40% ABV | Bottled ±2007

Aultmore is a distillery that doesn’t bring too many single malts to the market, but is used mostly by blenders, particularly in Dewars. In late 2014 they launched a new, rebranded Aultmore range, with the 12yo having 46% ABV.

This is the previous version, I believe to be bottled around 2007. Let’s see what this Speysider has in store.

Color: Amber, there’s probably some colorant in here.

Nose: Light fruits, malt and hints of grass. With some time in the glass more cereal notes come out, accompanied by some lemon. It’s quite a soft and inviting nose, yet not too complex.

Palate: Soft arrival with vanilla and sweet honey.

Finish: Some peppers come out alongside the honey. It leaves a smooth mouthfeel.