Benromach 10 100° Proof | 57% ABV | Bottled 2014

Benromach started revamping their range late 2014, with great effect. The standard 10yo is one of my favorite bang for your buck whiskies on the market today.

This 100 proof expression is the same as the regular 10 year old, but bottled at 57% ABV instead of the regular 43%.

Color: Dark gold

Nose: After an initial hit of alcohol there’s raisins and cherries, oranges, vanilla and honey and a grassy note, some very faint hints of smoke, but in the very back 

Palate: Orange zest, dark chocolate, raisins, some tannines. It’s quite thick and dense.

Finish: Lovely sweet notes from the sherry casks, some peppers, hints of cinnamon, some leather.

It’s both crazy and wonderful how much difference the alcohol makes in a dram. There seems to be less peat and more sherry influence than the standard 10, and it’s a fair bit heavier to drink, although that’s to be expected.