Bunnahabhain 2007 Berry Bros | 57.2% ABV | Bottled 2014

This is a very young Bunnahabhain, bottled in 2014 by Berry Bros & Rudd at 6 years old. It comes from cask 800097 and was bottled at a cask strength of 57,2% ABV.

Color: Very pale

Nose: This one is clearly one of the more peated Bunna’s. The peat smoke dominates the notes, along with some iodine and salt. Some vanilla sweetness and lemon zest can also be found.

Palate: A surprisingly soft arrival, considering the ABV and it’s age. Barbecue smoke, some vanilla and honey in there as well but the smoke dominates.

Finish: Again, the smoke dominates. Some bitter oak shows up as well and a slight metallic note at the end. Medium-long finish.

It’s a well made, young Islay malt. A good one if you want an easy drinker, but it lacks complexity. Still, it’s well made and there aren’t too many sharp edges.