Cardhu 12 | 40% ABV | Bottled ± 2015

Sometimes we lose track of the most available whiskies, thinking they are not for the ‘connoisseur’. Thinking they are not interesting enough. I feel like it’s important to keep trying those whiskies. To know what goes on, because the whiskies that are sold most are ultimately the most important, but also to calibrate our palates, and our scores.

Color: Gold.

Nose: It’s very clear the goal of this whisky is to be accessible, and in that is does succeed. Notes of honey, vanilla and some nuts. Quite inviting, yet simple

Palate: Continues pretty much on the same élan as the nose. Vanilla and honey are the dominant notes. Some slight pear shows up and a walnut bitterness.

Finish: Vanilla yet again. The oak comes through a bit more here. Medium in length.

This is a very easy dram for sure, but we shouldn’t punish simplicity.