Compass Box Enlightenment | 46% ABV | Bottled 2016

Compass Box has had a number of issues with the SWA. One of the latest was that Compass Box started disclosing the components that went into it’s blends, including the age. According to the SWA, only the youngest component’s age can be advertised, not the others.

Compass Box changed it’s approach and now tell you the age when you send them a mail. Also, they created this blend. The Enlightenment.

Colour: White wine.

Nose: Starts off quite malty with some shy fruity notes, but they don’t stay shy for long. A nice strong nose with white fruits, peaches, pears. Vanilla and honey and chamomile. Oh, and of course there’s beeswax.

Palate: Fruits once again, mainly melons (honeydews in particular). With undertones of white grapes, wax, vanilla and honey. It’s all intermingled nicely.

Finish: A bit of a shorter finish. Almonds and sawdust mainly.

Good stuff. If Compass Box keeps bringing blends like this, I hope they get in trouble with the SWA again!