Compass Box Stranger & Stranger | 46% ABV | Bottled 2019

Stranger & Stranger, quite a nice name for a Compass Box blend I think. The name comes from one of the design companies Compass Box uses. This bottling is to celebrate their 10 year partnership with Stranger & Stranger who designed the logo’s for quite a bit of their bottles, including No Name, Phenomenology and their core range of products.

That’s not the only “strange” thing about this though. This blend is technically a spirit drink, not a whisky, as they used some 1 year old Girvan grain spirit in this. The story goes that this was “sacrificial spirit” used to season experimental casks, but who’s to say. Either way, at 1% of this blend’s contents, it won’t get in the way of things.

Other than the Girvan, there’s Glenlossie, Glen Elgin and some Linkwood in this blend.

Colour: Gold.

Nose: This needs a lot of time to open up. At first it’s mainly dust and chalk. With time there’s more fruity notes. Pear, mango and Reine Claude plums. Definite hints of grass and cereal too.

Palate: It starts off quite fruity with notes of green apple, lemon and mango. However, those quickly get overtaken by grass, hay and cereal note. A heavy does of barley too.

Finish: A medium long finish. Some pepper and vanilla. The tropical fruits, mainly mango, come back to end on a sweeter note.

Decent blend here, and quite barley-centric on the mid-palate. As has come up a few times, you need to wonder if it’s worth the asking price.