Dailuaine 2008 van Wees | 46% ABV | Bottled 2016

I don’t have a ton of experience with Dailuaine. In fact, this is only the second one I’ve tasted as far as I know. A 7 year old ex-bourbon cask whisky, bottled by the Dutch van Wees at 46% ABV.

Colour: Pale white wine.

Nose: At first it’s quite grassy and earthy on the nose. Allow it some time in the glass and there’s an abundance of acacia honey, intermingled with canned peach and hints of vanilla.

Palate: The honey takes centerstage here. A bit of a waxy mouthfeel too, and some almonds. Kind of reminds me of a less clean version of Clynelish.

Finish: Medium long, the honey continues. Slight notes of oak and almond. An overripe pear pops up now and then.


If this were an SMWS bottling, it’d be called “Honey, I’m home”. It does what it does, but in a decent way. No complaints about the price either.