Hazelgrove 2000 The Maltman | 47.1% ABV| Bottled 2016

A 16 year old whisky from Campbeltown named Hazelgrove, it’s quite easy to deduce the distillery it comes from. It was finished in Pedro Ximénez casks for an unknown amount of time. It produced 176 bottles.

Colour: Amber with an orange shine

Nose: A very intense fruity sweetness, red grapes and cherry liqueur. At the same time however, there’s quite a pronounced industrial note. Diesel and rubber. There’s some minerallity too. Now, I love some springbank funk, but the industrial notes are a bit too dominant for me.

Palate: Dark chocolate, dark red fruits and waves of brown sugar. There’s a rubbery note but it’s more subdued than in the nose.

Finish: An almost sickly sweetness remains, the sugar clinging to the palate. The rubber also continues from the palate.

The funk here keeps it from being too sweet of a sherry bomb, but it’s a bit too dirty for me. I prefer the regular Hazelburn Oloroso Cask Matured.