Kilchoman 10th anniversary | 58.2% ABV | Bottled 2015

At Feis Ile 2015, Kilchoman released this 10th anniversary release, only available at the distillery shop. It contains whisky distilled between 2005 and 2012, both from bourbon and sherry casks. It’s limited to 3000 bottles and bottled at a cask strength of 58,2% ABV.

Color: Amber

Nose: Some very sweet peat smoke, citrus. A farm-note is also to be found. After some time in the glass some it smells like pork on a BBQ! This is a great nose that could keep me busy for hours. I love that sweet barley note most Kilchomans have.

Taste: First you get a blast of peat, followed by the sweet barley. There’s a very earthy, green note in there as well that brings it somewhat out of balance.

Finish: medium-long finish, drying the mouth somewhat. The sweet barley continues alongside some lemon juice and cotton candy.

A really good Kilchoman, too bad the green note brings it out of balance a bit. The palate doesn’t quite live up to what the nose promises.


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