Laphroaig 21y Friends of Laphroaig | 48.4% ABV | Bottled 2015

For Laphroaig’s 200th anniversary, they released a couple of commemorative bottles. Among them is this 21 year old version. It has matured in 1st Fill ex-Bourbon Barrels and it’s bottled at 48.4% ABV.

Color: Gold

Nose: The expected peat, barbecue smoke and brine. Then a barrage of fruit that reveal themselves over time: lemon, grapefruit, avocado and some green herbal notes that I can’t quite put my finger on. With even more time it gets more tropical with notes of mango, banana and kiwi.

Palate: Smooth arrival. It starts of very salty before opening up. There’s marzipan, turkish delight, balsamic vinegar and oak, married with medicinal smoke.

Finish: sweet and dry, vanilla, smoke, smooth, herbal notes, very long, slight pepper.

Finish: Sweet and mouth drying. Vanilla, sweet smoke, the herbal notes are back again, and a touch of pepper. Luckily all this goodness lasts for a pretty long time.

Wow this is good. Very complex and the peat is perfectly balanced with the fruit flavors.

At £95 for a 350ml bottle, this is not cheap at all, but very much worth trying.