Port Charlotte Scottish Barley | 50% ABV | Bottled 2013

At the beginning of the 2000’s, Bruichladdich distillery started producing heavily peated spirit under the name of closeby town Port Charlotte. Currently, this sits between the Bruichladdich and Octomore expressions.

This is the basic one, a NAS bottling at 50% ABV.

Color: Very pale gold.

Nose: Smoke with vanilla cream, peppermint and barley. After some time in the glass some more lemon notes come out. Nuts can be found in the distance.

Palate: A wave of smoke hits you first. After that some metallic notes and quite medicinal peat. The youngness shows itself here.

Finish: It’s medium long, mostly briny and some lingering peat. There’s a touch of gingerbread as well.

You can taste it’s a young one. The nose does a decent job of hiding it, but the metallic notes on the otherwise quite simplistic palate seal the deal. Still, it’s an enjoyable dram.