Ardmore 1992 Kintra | 49.8% ABV | Bottled 2011

An 18 year old Ardmore bottled by the Dutch Kintra Whisky. This comes out of a bourbon hogshead, cask 4907. It was bottled in 2011 at 49.8% ABV.

Color: Pale straw

Nose: Delicate fruit at first but it quickly gets overwhelmed by other notes. A strong vanilla one comes out at first. Digging a bit deeper, I get unripe banana and marshmallow. Play Doh! Almonds too, with time some more citrus. All of it is wrapped in a gentle dose of earthy peat.

Palate: Smooth vanilla again, quickly spiced up by black pepper and jalepeno. Banana, mandarin oranges, lychee, orange zest… this has some complexity to it. Some bitter oak to dry things out and a tarry note.

Finish: Oak tannins, some grass. Slightly ashy but still a fresh citrus note going on. Quite a long finish too.

Well, this one definitely surprised me. Lots going on, complex and ever-changing. I love the slight peat influence to make it bolder. A great Ardmore.


Ardmore 1991 Gordon & Macphail | 57.9% ABV | Bottled 2006

With a capacity of 4.2 million liters of alcohol per year, Ardmoe is one of the biggest distilleries in Scotland. Most of it however, is used in blends like Teacher’s.

Single malt Ardmore is mostly found at independent bottlers, with official bottlings only consisting of the NAS Traditional and Legacy expression. Ardmore is also one of the few Speyside distilleries to use peated barley.

This Ardmore has aged for 14 years in First fill Bourbon casks, it’s a vatting of cask 6158 and 6160. It’s bottled at 57,9% ABV

Color: Pale gold

Nose: Some pears and sour lemon, then some ash. The peat is quite subdued, but there’s quite a bit of heat coming from the nose. After a while, it gets a bit sweeter with banana notes.

Palate: Drying oak, tar and ash, then some pepper. A very simple palate, too bad some of the fruity notes from the nose don’t come through.

Finish: The ash continues for a while, some very feint hints of honey.

I’m not a fan of this one. The nose is already quite simplistic, and the palate even more so.