Bowmore 1997 The Nectar of the Daily Drams | 52.1% ABV | Bottled 2012

I’ve never had a bad bottling by The Nectar of the Daily Drams, and I was quite looking forward to this Bowmore bottled in 2012 at 52.1% ABV.

Color: Straw

Nose: This is quite a sweet nose. Mostly sweet corn and lime. A confectionery sugar. The smoke is blended in nicely, accompanied by hints of salt.

Palate: This continues with what the nose promissed. Quite sweet, feels like I’m in a candy shop. Sweet lime, hints of orange.

Finish: Keeping with the theme, the sugar continues. Some pepper notes carried along by the smoke.

This is a fun one, although not the most complex of Bowmore. Right up my alley.


Bowmore 2002 Signatory | 46% ABV | Bottled 2014

Signatory’s Un-chillfiltered line is somewhat considered their “budget line”. Still, they produce some cracking good stuff. It’s single cask whisky bottled at 46% ABV.

This Bowmore has aged for 11 years in a refill sherry hogshead, cask 2187. They were able to produce 341 bottles. It was selected by The Nectar for the Belgian market.

Color: White wine, quite light for a sherry cask.

Nose: This nose blasts everything at once: barbecue smoke, some seaweed, lime and a bunch of salt. Gummy bear sweetness. After a while, some distant raisin and orange notes appear. This gets a lot sweeter with time.

Palate: It’s quite timid! Some hints of peat, lemon juice and salt, some orange zest and parsley. If you let it rest a bit, the salty notes are a lot more present.

Finish: BBQ smoke with sugared candy. Some peppers and again the salt.

I like this one as a daily drinker. It needs about 10 minutes in the glass to show all it’s colors. Originally priced around €55, it’s good value for money.