Talisker 12 Friends of the Classic Malts | 45.8% | Bottled 2007

I’ve never been the biggest Talisker fan, and looking at the stuff I’ve tasting, I seem to unconsiously avoid them somewhat. Either way, I found a sample of this Talisker 12, bottled back in 2007 for the Friends of the Classic Malts series.

Talisker 12 bottle

Color: Dark-ish Amber

Nose: A very vegetal note at first, cucumber and olives. Some dirty notes, a garage, and a musky attic. Yes, there’s some sweat in there. Some pepper, salt too. After some patience, we get rewarded with peach. There is some smoke present but quite subdued. Then it suddenly turns very flowery and perfumy. Think old Bowmore, or a very specific Inchgower by Wemyss I once had. This is a love it or hate it thing.

Palate: I must say, the smoke develops very nicely here. Quite an oily mouthfeel. Lots of salt, a meaty note, think porkchops. Then flowerparade arrives to spoil the party.

Finish: Remains mouth coating, slight black pepper. smoke, salt, raisins, slight orange zest. The slight smoke remains and the salt clings to the palate. Some raisins and a slight orange zest compliment the finish. Medium long.

Now, I know I said I wasn’t the biggest Talisker fan, but this started off pretty good, until it didn’t. This one is too unhinged for me. The spirit is battling for attention with the sherry cask, and I’m not a fan of violets and the like in my whisky. At the time of writing, this is being sold for upwards of €250, which isn’t worth it in my opinion.