Talisker 18 | 45.8% ABV | Bottled 2015

I usually like my heavily peated drams to be quite young, as age can greatly reduce the intensity of the peatsmoke. Still, I like to try an as wide array as possible and try new things. The Talisker 18 is a vatting of both ex-bourbon and sherry casks.

Talisker 18 bottle

Color: Amber, though some color has probably been added.

Nose: Some slight peat smoke, quite shy. Sweet notes, yet clearly underlined by salt. Heaps of it. Mashed potatoes, a green note too, think thyme and rosemary. Some bonfire smoke and tar. Topped off by a healthy dose of fruit de mer.

Palate: Soft and gradual arrival, coating the mouth nicely. The smoke builds from a small fire to a nice big bonfire. The salt remains, accompanied by smoked fish and asparagus. I’m getting hungry typing this.

Finish: Salt yet again. Some oak is showing here. Ginger and slight black and green pepper notes. Quite a long finish.

The age is very apparent in this whisky, both in the nose and palate. It lacks a bit of kick, or a hook, for me to be truly grabbed by this expression.